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FLIGBY is an innovative extension of the Good Business - Flow, Leadership book. It is an online, single-user, scenario-based serious game in an interactive movie format. It has the look and feel of a game, while simulating real-world events and processes

FLIGBY is designed to help every decision maker have attitudes and make choices that will not only improve their own well-being and effectiveness of their organisations, but also that of the community. Its aim is to show decision-makers how to foster an engaging and highly productive workplace and use its psychic energy to enhance the happiness of their employees, customers, stakeholders and even themselves.

In the game, players have to make 150+ decisions,

applying the key ideas embodied in the Flow concept and Flow-related value system. During the course of the game, players receive continuous individually tailored feedback, designed to guide them toward Flow-based managerial practices. 

Flow is what players experience when totally immersed in a game: losing track of time, forgetting external pressures

FLIGBY also has a sophisticated leadership
profiling mechanism and assessment tool.

It is designed to test, measure and help develop the 29 leadership and management competencies that have been identified by leading practitioners and scholars around the world as important. The 29 skills include those that are particularly relevant for generating Flow in others.

The Simulation Game creates an environment that offers a new type of platform for observing leadership and management behavior. As players are completely unaware of how their decisions might affect their skill scores, they unwittingly reveal their real selves. This approach to testing skills is non-intrusive. In playing FLIGBY, each player can and will behave like they would in similar situations in real life; being true to themselves.

The scenario-based approach used by FLIGBY is a proven method to improve critical thinking and decision making skills.

The lessons are built around a series of progressively complex workplace assignments or situations. It allows users practice responses to challenging business conditions whilst keeping them safe from the expensive (and sometimes irreversible) consequences of their decisions.

At the Game’s end, FLIGBY’s Master Analytics Profiler provides each player an individual report with detailed feedback on their 29 leadership skills and competencies, benchmarked in several ways. 

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